Measurement Instrument Company Webinar Success Case Study

Humidity Measurement -  'How to Make a Better Measurement' series


This company had reached a point where growth beyond 3% was not being achieved. Competition was fierce in the markets for measurement instruments. Product marketing had always been the standard but they realized it was not working.


We learned that the people in the target audience did not understand the intricacies of measuring humidity. They were frustrated and felt humidity was next to impossible to measure in a reliable fashion. The company employed some world renown humidity scientists who were willing to share their expertise.

Webinar Solution:

We designed a series of 8 educational webinars designed to teach the people in the target audience how to make a better measurement of humidity. The webinars included theory, calibration, technology and other highly technical content.

Result :

The webinars series was so successful, it ran for 5 years. The webinar series have engaged with as many as 5200 registrants. In the first 3 years of running the webinars series in parallel with a full educational content marketing strategy, the business grew between 15 and 25% per year.

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