Air Navigation Chart Company Webinar Success Case Study

Air Navigation Charts - 5 part 'How to' series


This company was having a hard time connecting with the highly desirable general aviator audience. The company was a well known solution for large airline companies and was not positioned well with general aviation pilots.


KMI and the marketing team determined that the content sweet spot was the intersection of the pilots desire to be the best and the safest pilot as possible and the chart reading expertise of the experts at the company.

Webinar Solution:

We created a series of 5 educational webinars designed to help pilots be more proficient and safer through improved chart reading skills.

Result :

The webinars were an incredible success beyond all expectations with more than 7000 pilots registering for the series. In addition, the webinar success got the attention of the CEO and his leadership team helping to advance the marketing function to a whole new level.

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