Pharmaceutical Validation Company Webinar Success Case Study

Pharmaceutical Validation - 3 part 'How to' series


This company wanted to grow a newly formed entity focusing on the Life Science industry. They needed to get the people in the target audience to be aware of the offering and attach a high degree of credibility to the brand.


Together, KMI and this manufacturing company determined a content sweet spot to be in the area of validation and mapping of critical FDA regulated storage areas where they needed help in understanding the regulations and applying cGMP practices. The company did have a high degree of expertise in this area.

Webinar Solution:

We designed a series of 3 educational webinars aimed at sharing expertise in the areas of mapping, regulations and validation.

Result :

The webinars series attracted approximately 1100 registrants with approximately 50% attendance rate. The new entity revenue grew by 19% in the first year and 32% in the second year of a content marketing initiative with the webinar series as the keystone content.

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