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Electronics Manufacturing Company - Webinar Success Case Study

Process Signals - 'Fundamentals' Series of 8 Webinars


This company had been producing a lot of webinars in an effort to promote new and existing products with very small audiences. Typically, they would see between 5 and 15 registrants with about half of them showing up at the live broadcast.


We talked to the folks who man the tech support phone lines and asked about the most common questions they get on a regular basis. We learned that there were a lot of questions about 4-20mA process signals. It was surprising to the company veterans because they felt that it was an easy and very basic subject. The KMI consultant recommended testing the topic as a pilot program to test the hypothesis that educational webinars would resonate with their target audience.

Webinar Solution:

Because the KMI consultant was familiar with process signals, he was able to create a series of 3 webinars all about the fundamentals of 4-20mA signals. KMI provided a turn-key solution which included creating the concept, setting up the schedule, choosing a platform, managing the timeline, training the presenters, moderating the live webinar and reporting on the results with suggestions for improvements to future webinars. The company provided the expert speaker and the chat moderator.

Result :

The webinars series was an immediate hit with the company's target audience. The first webinar garnered about 642 registrants with a 58% attendance rate. The first pilot series of 3 webinars got a total of 1552 registrants with an average attendance rate of 54%. Because the first series was so successful, the KMI consultant recommended 5 more educational webinars. Over the entire series of 8 webinars, this electronics manufacturing company was able to see more than 5200 registrants with an overall attendance rate of 51%! Their past webinars were product promotions with the high registration count being 24. As of this date, the first webinar in the series, "The Fundamentals of 4-20mA Current Loops" has had 71,900 views on YouTube.

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