Webinar Production Service

Webinar Production Services designed for top-of-the funnel lead generation

MMI Creates, Produces and Executes the Webinar Series

All you have to do is provide an expert speaker who will guide the content and act as the main speaker. We take care of everything else.webinar production

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Here’s what you get (in addition to hundreds of sales leads) with a MMI turn-key webinar:

  • A single webinar or a series of 3 to 5 educational webinars 30 – 60 minutes in length.
  • Complete project management of the entire process
  • Collaborative discovery and assessment to determine your authentic sweet spot content topic.
  • Collaborative discovery of your webinar content mission statement.
  • Webinar infrastructure setup (platform, registration, email, promotion, tracking, conversion)
  • Webinar content production (working with your experts and designers as needed)
  • Post webinar production for lead generation
  • Lead nurturing or support for other follow up
  • Webinar team coaching and training
  • Identify KPIs and other metrics
  • Post webinar ROI assessment and reporting

Benefits to Manufacturing Companies

  • Qualified leads who are interested in your expertise and your solution
  • Deeper and more meaningful engagement with a much larger portion of your target audience
  • Positioning of your company as a thought leader
  • Top of Mind Awareness & Credibility
  • Each of the above benefits lead to increased market share, accelerated revenue growth and improved profitability

What’s your part?

  • You provide an expert contact with whom we can work to create the topics and content.
  • The expert should be prepared to also act as a presenter during the webinar. (we’ll take care of the moderator role)
  • We’ll need to collaborate with you and/or your designated team, but we’ll take care of the rest of the work.

Request pricing proposal for webinar production services.


KMI webinar production service creates webinars designed by manufacturing marketers for manufacturing marketers. Typically, when a manufacturing company creates and produces a webinar, they design it around a new product promotion. Without fail, they are disappointed when only a handful of people register and even fewer attend.

KMI webinar production is different.  You get a series of webinars based on the pain or the passion of the people in your target audience. In other words, you get a webinar that is about your audience. When webinars are done right and based on a strong pain or passion of the audience aligned to your firm’s expertise, magic happens.

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