Here's a quick overview of how it works and what you get out of it:

    • In the first part of the virtual workshop, we will discuss your target audience; pains, problems or passions. Before the session, you should have a defined audience segment profile ready to discuss.
    • In the second part of the virtual session, we will discuss how your company's expertise and resident experts can help address the pain, problem or passion chosen in the first session. You will agree on the sweet spot topic by the end of the session.
    • In the final part of the session, we will determine a content mission statement and next steps you should take to leverage your new Sweet Spot High Engagement Topic.

FREE Workshop

Sweet Spot Topic Workshop

The Sweet Spot Topic Workshop includes:

  • 1 virtual workshop session
  • Discovery of your target audience pain, problem or passion
  • Discovery of your best experts and expertise
  • Deliverables include the sweet spot topic and your content mission statement

‚ÄčNote: MMI reserves the right to qualify each applicant. We prefer your company be at least 25 employees to qualify for this offer.