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A New Way to Market for Manufacturing

Innovation That Grows Your Business

12 Lesson Video Course

Video Course: 12 Lessons - full access for one year

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The 'New Way' Will Revolutionize Your Go-to-Market Strategy

The 'New Way' Shows You How To Find a High Engagement Focus That Attracts Your Ideal Prospects

The high engagement focus is called the 'Sweet Spot of Engagement' and we walk you through the steps to determine your sweet spot.

You Will Learn How to Use Your Expertise for High Engagement, More Qualified Leads and More Sales

Yes, you have expertise around your product, but the real power of engagement lies in your particular expertise about how your audience can solve their problems.

The 'New Way' is so Radical That Your Leadership Won't Like It (at first) Until the Leads Start Pouring In

There are 3 lessons devoted to creating and executing a pilot program to introduce and prove the concept to your leadership and your stakeholder. Once you prove it with a pilot program, they will want more and your success and status will increase throughout the organization.

This Type of Marketing is New and Innovative for Manufacturers. First Movers Win.

This type of marketing has been around in the Tech sector for many years and has catapulted many companies to annual growth rates of 20%, 30% and 50% per year.  It's new to manufacturing right now but will catch on fast once you start taking market share from your competitors.

Check Out the 12 Lessons.

12 Video Lessons that will will help you get more qualified leads, higher market share and stronger annual growth rates.
MM1 - The Huge Opportunity

Duration: 15m

Yes, this is a huge opportunity for manufacturers who are willing and able to do something different.

MM3 - Marketing Plan
Part 2

Duration: 21m

Starting with the marketing plan, you learn about the power of this strong foundation for your 'New Way' strategy.

MM5 - Sweet Spot of Engagement

Duration: 17m

​Learn how to choose a topic that resonates with the people in your target audience. This is the secret to the New Way of Marketing.

MM7 - New Way Technology

Duration: 18m

Technology is overwhelming. This lesson tells you the very basic tools you need to succeed, pitfalls to avoid and even names a few names.

MM9 - Webinar Pilot

Duration: 15m

Educational webinars have been used to prove the 'New Way' concept. Might even get you promoted!

MM11 - After the Pilot Program

Duration: 15m

If you really want to embrace the 'New Way', be ready to expand the pilot into a full blown strategy. Caution: it takes time.

MM2 - Marketing Plan
Part 1

Duration:  20m

Now is the time for marketers to take the lead and advance the very practice of marketing in manufacturing.

MM4 - Stop Pitching Products

Duration: 18m

Learn how and why you can gain competitive advantage when you stop pitching products and start sharing your expertise.

MM6 - Audience Facing Mission Statement

Duration: 12m

​The Audience Facing Mission Statement is your guiding light. Learn how to use it to advance your marketing function.

MM8 - Pilot Program

Duration: 15m

The biggest question answered here; "How do I get started?"

MM10 - eNewsletter Pilot

Duration: 20m

Subscription eNewsletters also prove the concept and they're a little easier than a full fledged webinar series. Learn how to build your audience this way.

MM12 - First Movers Win

Duration: 15m

There is a unique opportunity for manufacturers to gain advantage with 'New Way' marketing. Don't wait until your competitors gain the advantage. Be first and win!

About the Professor

With 25+ years of experience in manufacturing and industrial marketing and sales, I've tested, proven and re-confirmed that the New Way to Market for Manufacturing works.  I'm your instructor and the Executive Director here at MMI. I hope you find these free lessons useful and helpful in your manufacturing marketing planning and activities. I've proven this type of marketing to be extremely effective in manufacturing firms. In one case, the new way to market increased growth rates from 4-6% to 25-30%. I can't promise you this type of incredible result, but you will definitely significantly increase revenue and gain market share.

“Join me in working together to advance the practice of marketing in your manufacturing company and in the manufacturing industries."

Here's What You’ll Get...

12 Knowledge Packed Lessons that will change the way you look at your go-to-market strategy. One lesson delivered daily for 12 days via email.

You'll get access to worksheets, weekly webinars by Bruce and other resources.

Course members get a 40% discount on the printed copy of the book. Use discount code WEPUX7P4

Is This Course Right for You?

This way of marketing is not for all manufacturers. Wondering if the course might be right for you and your company?


  • Your leadership is open to innovation and testing ideas that might be considered radical or out-of-the-box.
  • You and your marketing team are excited about new technology, new marketing ideas and about how marketing can make a strategic revenue contribution to the company.
  • You want to take a leadership position at the strategic table because you believe in the power of marketing.
  • Your leadership has told you to figure out a way that Marketing can contribute to revenue beyond just the tactical trade shows, brochures, spec sheets, etc.


  • Your leadership is not open to new ideas.
  • Your leadership does not value marketing and will never understand the potential for modern marketing strategies, tactics and teams.
  • Your sales and or product stakeholders will never allow marketing to advance within your firm and your CEO supports that viewpoint.
  • The company is in decline and not interested in changing the way it goes to market in spite of the potential.

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