MM 010 – Content Marketing for Manufacturing

Manufacturing Marketing Matters Podcast – Episode 010

Guest Expert: Joe Pulizzi, Founder Content Marketing Institute

Topic: Content Marketing for Manufacturing


  • Joe shares his definition of “content marketing” – very similar to definition of a media company – create content, consistently delivered to a particular audience group.
  • High value, audience focused content makes for a very short RFP list.
  • Any company, anywhere can duplicate what we sell, the only difference is in how we communicate.Tweet: Any company, anywhere can duplicate what we sell, the only difference is in how we communicate. #contentmarketing #mfgmarketing
  • According to CMI research ‘B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing‘  , about 80% of B2B manufacturing companies use content marketing, but only about 30% are effective. The number one reason is lack of a written content marketing strategy.

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MM 009 – The “New Way” to Go-to-Market for Manufacuturers

new go-to-market for manufacturing

Manufacturing Marketing Matters Podcast – Episode 009

Guest Expert: Bruce McDuffee, Founder and Executive Director, Manufacturing Marketing Institute

Topic: The New Go-to-Market for Manufacturing


  • Recap of the mission at Manufacturing Marketing Institute – to advance the practice of marketing in the manufacturing industry and to help the marketers at manufacturing companies to advance their professional careers.
  • Hear about Bruce’s new book, ‘The New Go-to-Market for Manufacturing’ aka “The New Way”.  Flipping the old go-to-market on its head because the new go-to-market we“New Way” advocates “stop pitching products”.
  • The “New Way” gets TOMA (top of mind awareness), credibility and reciprocity by helping the people in the target audience to be better, relieve pain or increase passion.
  • Very important to connect the educational content with the brand and the offering without pitching the product.Tweet: Very important to connect the educational content with the brand and the offering without pitching the product #mfgmarketing via @MMImatters

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MM 008 – A Business Case for Content Marketing in Manufacturing

Manufacturing Marketing Matters Podcast – Episode 008

Guest Expert: Achinta Mitra, Founder and President of Tiecas, Inc.

Topic: A Business Case for Content Marketing in Manufacturing


  • Achinta provides a clear definition of content marketing in manufacturing in the context of practical experience and real life examples, on the ground 25+ years of experience working with industrial companies.
  • The official definition of ‘content marketing’ as provided by Content Marketing Institute.Tweet: The official definition of 'content marketing' as provided by @CMIcontent @MMImatters #mfgmarketing
  • 82% of manufacturers claim to be using content marketing. content marketing in manufacturing
  • Only 12% of mfg marketers claim they are successful at tracking ROI of their content marketing efforts.Tweet: Only 12% of mfg marketers claim they are successful at tracking ROI of their content marketing #mfgmarketing @MMImatters

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MM 007 – How to Gain Buy-in From Manufacturing Leadership

manufacturing leadership buy-in

Manufacturing Marketing Matters Podcast – Episode MM 007

Guest Expert: Marilyn Cox, Marketing Principal for the Industry Center of Excellence at Oracle

Topic: How to Gain Manufacturing Leadership Buy-in for Marketing Initiatives


  • To gain manufacturing leadership buy-in, marketers need to learn the language of the C-suite, one easy way to get started is to learn how to read a balance sheet.
  • It goes way beyond ROI; know how your marketing impacts the business metrics or business objectives.Tweet: It goes way beyond ROI; know how your marketing impacts the business metrics or business objectives @MMImatters #mfgmarketing
  • Not only do you need to talk the C-suite language, you need to learn how to best present your information. Check out the Ted Talk format and apply it to your leadership presentations.
  • Define your audience when presenting to gain manufacturing leadership buy-in.

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MM 006 – Conversion from a Product Strategy to a Knowledge Strategy

 Manufacturing Marketing Matters Podcast – Episode MM 006

Guest Expert: David Love, Managing Director, Rotronic Instrument Corp.

Topic: How an Electronic Instrument Manufacturer is Growing the Business by Moving from a Product to Knowledge Strategy


  • Hear how a manufacturing company stopped pitching products and started sharing knowledge to grow his business, converting from a product to knowledge strategy.
  • Leads stopped flowing and David needed to do something different; he chose to share his expertise in measuring humidity with the people in his target audience.
  • (Tweet) Just having the knowledge is not enough, you have to be able to put it in a form that your audience can consume and this takes a special skill set.
  • Top of mind awareness (TOMA) or mind-share keeps Rotronic top of mind and helps the customer to remember Rotronic in between projects.

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MM 005 – Content Marketing Success at a Large Global Manufacturer

content marketing in welding

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Manufacturing Marketing Matters Podcast – Episode MM 005

Guest Expert: Craig Coffey, Marketing Specialist at Lincoln Electric

Topic: A Content Marketing Success Story at Lincoln Electric


  • Lincoln Electric focuses on engaging with the audience by teaching people to weld using their products.
  • The biggest challenge is turning information that is heavily technical into good marketing material.
  • ARC Magazine, a retread of an older product called The Stabilizer. The ‘inflight magazine’ for welders.  If the magazine was designed to sell products, it probably would not have near the success rate as helping welders to be better welders.
  • The Stabilizer – what do you think Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, is The Stabilizer a good example for ‘This Old Marketing’?

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MM 004 – The SEO Opportunity for Manufacturing

SEO opportunity for manufacturing

Manufacturing Marketing Matters Podcast – Episode MM 004

Guest Expert:  Jim Kreinbrink, Founder and President of HyperDog Media

Topic: SEO Opportunity for Manufacturing Companies


  • SEO opportunity means top results meaning more than just website traffic – get found by journalists and get more inbound links. (Tweet this)
  • Learn why a mobile optimized site is so important for SEO opportunity
  • Hear about two real life examples of two manufacturing companies that have had success with a related keyword strategy and huge SEO opportunity; Loadhalt, Inc. and Tri-motion Industries, Inc.
  • SEO opportunity is directly related to keywords. Keep in mind how broad the audience is and are clickers really prospective customers. (Tweet this)

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MM 003 – The Interesting Similarities Between a Manufacturing Assembly Line and a Modern Marketing Process

Guest Expert: Grant Grigorian, CEO and Co-founder of Path to Scale


  • Marketing metrics are strongly similar to metrics used for quantifying the efficiency and efficacy of an assembly line.
  • Learn about the analogy of efficiency and quantity for an assembly line as it applies to modern marketing processes for manufacturing marketing function.
  • Quality versus quantity balance and constraints.
  • Real life examples of how a marketing team has implemented the factory assembly line framework.

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MM 002 – Content Marketing for B2B Manufacturing

Guest Expert: Vince Giorgi, Vice President of Solutions Development, Hanley Wood Marketing

Answers and discussion addressing these questions:

  1. Before we get into the nuts and bolts of content marketing, let’s talk about the term itself, most of our listeners have heard the term, but I suspect many of our listeners are not quite sure about what it really is, could you give us a definition of content marketing, with a slant towards the manufacturing world? A couple of examples from your experience?
  2. Why should manufacturing marketers care about content marketing?
  3. When I talk to marketers in the manufacturing sector about creating content to engage with their audience or customers, they usually focus on how to tell more about their products or their company.  Is this the right approach, to create more content about the product, or would you recommend looking at content a different way?
  4. It’s a tough internal selling job to convince mfg leadership, marketing and sales folks that they should stop pitching their products during the early “get to know us” top of the sales funnel.  Do you have any advice for marketers wanting to at least test the concept in the face of strong resistance they will likely be facing?
  5. How can mfg marketers get started with a content marketing strategy?

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MM 001 – The Huge Opportunity for Manufacturing Companies

Guest Expert:  Tom Repp, CEO and Owner, The Repp Group

Answers and discussion addressing these questions:

  1. Why is there a huge opportunity for manufacturing marketers and their organizations?
  2. Could you provide a couple of real life examples?
  3. You wrote a post on your Market Pipeline blog titled “Why Understanding Content Saturation is a Bonanza for Industrial Marketers”, could you summarize this idea of content saturation and why it is a potential bonanza?
  4. You’ve mentioned content marketing a few times, I think most of our listeners may have heard the term, but are not sure about the definition.  Could you give us your definition of content marketing?
  5. In your Industrial marketing consulting practice, are you seeing a big uptake in content marketing and the other types of marketing we’ve been talking about today?

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