Podcast – Manufacturing Marketing Matters

What to Expect on Manufacturing Marketing Matters

The mission of MM Matters is to advance the practice of marketing within the manufacturing organization. Manufacturing marketers are challenged with a unique set of circumstances, but these challenges are very common from one organization to the next.  This podcast is dedicated to helping marketers in manufacturing to excel in their profession, make a known contribution to the business goals and advance the marketing function within their organization.  Ultimately, our goal for manufacturing marketers is to transform themselves, their teams and their place in the organization from one of a simple line item on the expense side of the ledger to a source of revenue on the income side of the ledger.

  • Frequency – a new episode will be posted every week first thing Monday morning
  • Length – each episode will run between 20 and 30 minutes
  • Guests – every episode (except the 000 introduction episode) will feature an guest with specific experience in marketing for manufacturers.  Guests will be either a fellow manufacturing marketer with a success story to share, an expert in a certain marketing strategy or tactic (i.e. SEO, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, etc.) as it relates to manufacturing, or a marketing consultant who specializes in marketing for manufacturers or the industrial sector.
  • Format – there will be 3 parts to each episode
    1. A discussion with the guest expert where they share their experience and knowledge about the challenges faced by manufacturing marketers.
    2. The Challenge Topic as submitted by one of our listeners.
    3. Final actionable take away you can use right away to advance the practice of marketing for manufacturers or to advance your marketing career.

Meet Your Host

Bruce McDuffee has been on the ground in manufacturing marketing and sales for the past 20 years. He has been a field sales person, a global marketing director and now an independent consultant focusing on helping manufacturing organizations get their growth on with modern marketing strategy, tactics, tools and teams. Bruce has been where you are now. He’s had his share of ups and downs with the challenges of manufacturing marketing. He’s been successful in converting the strong product culture to one of helping customers to be better. He is practiced at transforming the marketing function from a service center to sales and product into a valued and strategic contributor able to make a difference with audience engagement and proving contribution to revenue. Marketing for manufacturers is difficult but it can be extremely rewarding. Together, we’re going to transform Manufacturing Marketing and you’re going to love the new manufacturing marketing model.