MM 068 – CAD Files for SEO and Awareness

This week we discuss how to use CAD files to increase website traffic and generate awareness. If you are manufacturing parts whether configured or stock, this tactic is a must have.


  • The crux of the idea is that as a manufacturer of a component, you should provide downloadable, usable CAD that makes it easy for them to use that file in their own drawings without having to create the model themselves. [4:45]
  • Most engineers will not stick on a site that does not offer CAD. But, only about 50% use this tactic. That spells opportunity. [7:00]
  • The 2D drawing can be more important than the 3D. The 2D has a much wider audience. [9:00]

  • Learn how CAD works to help with SEO. You don’t want the person looking for a part to leave your website to get the CAD file.  [15:00]
  • Those companies that do not use this tactic will start to lose business to companies that are already doing it. [21:10]

Interview Questions:

Question 1 –  Let’s start with the logistics. How does it work? A real example would be great.

Question 2 –  It seems like any company selling a part would be all over this. Is the practice widely adopted or are only a few savvy manufacturers reaping the benefits?

Is it hard to do and/or very expensive?

Question 3 – Would you please walk our listeners through the strategy and then through the tactical steps from a prospective customer visiting the site to downloading the CAD file to making the purchase?

Question 4 – How does offering CAD drawings on a website affect SEO? Web traffic in general?

Are there other benefits related to marketing and sales that we haven’t discussed?

Challenge Question –  This week our challenge question comes from a VP Sales & Marketing of a Midwest manufacturer of steel tubing. Here it is “We’re a mid-size manufacturer of all types of steel tubing. We’re sold on the idea of gaining brand awareness and differentiating by sharing expertise. Our challenge is that we have no idea about how to get started since it’s all new to our sales and marketing team. What would you advise being the first steps?”

  • The best way to get started is to understand a common problem that your audience faces where you have expertise. Share knowledge around that pain or problem. Build some content and distribute it to your target audience. As that content is consumed by your target audience, your reputation as the go-to expert will begin to grow.


  • Don’t wait any longer to start using CAD for your business.
  • Be aware that you may never know the amount of business you are losing because they are going to the competitor who does offer CAD on their website.