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Top Episode of 2016 (by downloads) is MM 025 – Marketing to Scientists, Engineers and other Technical Disciplines

Guest: Hamid Ghanadan, Founder of The Linus Group

Highlights:customer centric marketing is the focus of persuading scientists

  • Scientists, engineers and other technically trained professionals approach the purchasing process in very similar ways where customer centric marketing works.
  • Persuading Scientists: Marketing to the World’s Most Skeptical Audience – learn more about the book.
  • Interesting comparison of scientists to engineers by Hamid Ghanadan.
  • This new way to market is an evolution from technology-centric to product-centric to application-centric to customer-centric marketing.

  • The time is ripe for thinking about the customer, really becoming customer-centric.
  • The companies that are winning right now are those that see marketing as the next strategic asset for them to grow their businesses.
  • Persuading Scientists is a starting place not an end point to elevate the practice of marketing.
  • Framing the need for your target audience fosters engagement as opposed to just talking about your product.
  • Every company must excel at one of three disciplines; product, operations or customer.  You can be good at all three, but you must be excellent and unique at one of them. Most companies like to be best at products. That is the opportunity for differentiation.
  • Talking only about product is like being tone deaf to what the audience needs.
  • Get an inside look at the three stages of the funnel as defined in the Persuading Scientists marketing framework.
  • Listen to how Linus Group helps their clients get into the minds of the people in the target audience.  It starts with an analysis of the firm’s current situation.
  • “What if X were to happen in the next couple of years” is a great question to learn about the people in the target audience.
  • Even if you have a me-too product, you can gain an advantage in the market place by understanding your customer.

Interview Questions:

Question 1 – What is a scientist in the context of the ideas you promote in the book?Is it fair to suggest that engineers or otherwise technical disciplines would also fit your model?  Or does everyone fit the model in 2016?

Question 2 –   How did you come to this realization about what I would call a new way to market? Was it a revelation (did you wake up in the middle of the night) or was it over time or something else? What prompted you to write a book about it?

Question 3 –  In the first chapter, Marketing to Scientists as Consumers, you talk about where marketing campaigns typically fail and the reason for the failure is pitching products features and benefits.  Could you explain the concept?  Why does product marketing typically fail? Where is the place for product promotion in the marketing mix? If anyplace?

Question 4 – Let’s talk about the audience perspective. Most manufacturing companies believe that if they can figure out how their product or the product features can help solve a certain problem, that is audience focus.  What do you think? Is that enough?  How can we as marketers to a technical audience go even further into understanding the audience? Why is it necessary to go further? How do we begin to get into the minds of the people in the target audience to understand their pain points and their problems?

Question 5 –  Let’s suppose some of the manufacturing marketers are inspired and want to get started using this type of marketing strategy to engage with the technical people in their own audiences.  What would you advise as the first few steps to getting started?  [after buying your book] Are you using this type of marketing for your own business, The Linus Group?

Challenge Question:

This week our challenge question comes from a marketing director at a Colorado manufacturer of industrial gears.  “We’ve been inspired by your mandate to stop pitching products and start educating our audience, but we’re struggling with explaining to leadership just how that will help grow our business. Would you please explain how we can grow our business without talking about our product features and our company differences.”

  • Consider insight base selling and challenger selling as support for these ideas. Sales people should try to teach the prospective customer about something that matters to the prospective customer.
  • Sales and marketing alignment is very important to success.


  • Lead through serving.  If you want to be a leader in your market space, think of yourself as serving that audience. Offer value to your audience. A leader is a servant to their constituents. Position the company as a servant and you will be perceived as a leader.
  • Epitomize the concept of empathy when you talk to your customers and understanding your market.

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